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The Supplement Guide

*Version 1.1

Free Supplement Guidesupplement guide


You need Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or greater) to read this file.  It's FREE.  If you do not have it... Download it by clicking here

As a beginning bodybuilder, you've undoubtedly been bombarded with advertisements and recommendations from trainers, friends and professionals about various bodybuilding supplements.  And while you may know the basic foundations, many people still aren't sure when to take their supplements that have now filled their cabinets.

  • What are some basic bodybuilding supplements (not companies but products) that everybody thinks make a good foundation?

  • When do I take these supplements?  I know each product has general usage guidelines about dosages but at what times might I want to take them?

As a beginner, I was frustrated that none of my searches ever came up with a good sample foundation of what basics do I take and approximately when do I take my supplements during the course of the day.  It's about time that such a guide was developed.

This will not be the last guide.  As with any project at Freedomfly, we aim for the best.  But this version 1 is by far an exclusive offering that is hard to find on the web.  If you've ever wondered what supplements to take and when to take them, this guide will be an awesome additional to your bodybuilding references.

In an unprecedented offering, this guide is yours absolutely free.  It's our gift to you just for visiting the site.  No surveys, no forms to fill out, and we don't ask for your e-mail.  Just download the guide.

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Should you have suggestions or can offer testimonials or improvements, please contact us at  We would really like to know if this guide provides value to you.


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