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Marc's 12 Week Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Progress Chat

StartIlliacBodyfatWeight LbsLbs FatLBMLBM chgFat chgweekly wt. chgtotal wt. chg
August 2514mm16.419031.16158.84    
August 2914mm16.419431.816162.1843.3440.65644
September 0514mm16.419632.114163.8861.7020.29826
September 1214mm16.419431.816162.1841.7020.29824
September 1912mm15.719330.301162.6990.5151.51513
September 2614mm15.719430.458163.5420.8430.15714
October 314mm15.719230.144161.8561.6860.31422
October 1714mm15.719530.615164.3852.5290.47135
November 2612mm13.719026.03163.97-0.415-4.58550
December 1812mm13.718726.619160.381-3.589.5893-3
June 5 200412mm15.7188.529.59158.94-1.4412.9711.5-1.5


*Please note that I'm currently on a bulk program and not as concerned with buring the fat as I once was.  However, I am following the eating guidelines of BFFM.  Since I'm 31, that will also affect some of the measurements since 12mm for a 29 year old is different then a 31 year old.*

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