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BULKING - Part 2 of A beginner's guide

By Steve Thorne

To make this article more complete, I've added the initial bulking gym routine I used for my first 12 weeks.

warm up as explained above - heavy sets are to failure.
(breaks between warm-up and heavy sets 90-120 seconds)

Day 1: Chest/Triceps

flat bench press
- warm up x 3-4 sets

Incline bench (30 degress)

weighted dips
- warm up (on "dip assist machine") 1 set

close grip bench press

cable tri extension

Day 2: Legs/calves

- warm up 3-4 sets

legg press

legg curls
warm up - 1 set

standing calf raises

Day 3: OFF or cardio/abs

Day 4: Back/Biceps/forearms

(warm-up with lat pull down) 3-4 sets

one arm dumb bell row
warm-up - 1 set

bent over BB row

standing bar bell curls (EZ bar)

standing reverse hammer curls (fore arm)

seated fore arm curls (forearm on leg)

close grip pull ups (chin-ups)

Day 5: OFF or cardio/abs

Day 6: Shoulders/traps

Military press
- warm up 3-4 sets

Side lateral raises

DB shrugs

Day 7: OFF or cardio/abs

See more of Steve Thorne in the DiscussBodybuilding forum under the screen name of Schteevie


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