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"Announcing... Veteran Internet
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And Powerful Network Of Fitness Friends..."


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I have been searching the web for fitness related sites and newsletters for 2 years. These newsletters act as motivation as well as information. So many of them are just recycled clichés from other writers, and you quickly tire of them. It is difficult to find original thinkers now. Keep up the good work.

-Paul Gannon


From: The desk of Marc David

For over two years, "Freedomfly Fitness Newsletter - the eZine" has continued to be one of the most loyally read, star-studded and 'real' electronic newsletters in it's class...

...Delivering hard hitting meaty content, candid 'no-punches-held' product reviews, and access to an extremely powerful and far reaching, network of elite Internet fitness professionals in a style that is never a chore to read -- It will almost certainly, quickly become one of your favourite, most anticipated 'e-reads'.

So, if you want to belong to a community of avid subscribers privy to;

Your First Bonus You Will Receive IMMEDIATELY after subscribing

As a special thank, your first eBook just for being on this list will be, Big Fat Lies (by best selling author Tom Venuto) absolutely free, just for becoming a member of Freedomfly Fitness.

Real life information showing exactly how to move from even 'complete novice' to actually making changes in your life that you can proudly tell your family and friends about...
Insider info and breaking news that's circling within the tight circle of colleagues and friends that are the super successful bodybuilders online today, guaranteed to realistically increase your gains if applied...
Top recommendations and honest reviews that could literally make and/or save you real cash dollars, rather than running around dropping money on every new program that you see popping up...
Subscriber discounts and advanced notices on our hot new products, deals and contests that will simply blow you away...
Some of the best free fitness eBooks and reports that literally the authors should be changing for, but they are your gifts for being members of the ezine.
A real relationship with an editor who actually answers his email, motivates, challenges and looks out for his readers...
And lots more fitness information...


...then you simply can't go wrong signing-up for FREE today!


What Others Are Saying:

I had to let you know--I've been reading you website for a little over a month now and I really enjoy it. I just recently signed up for your newsletters and The Burning Fitness Questions. I've gotten into other sites but I've learned so much more from yours, and it's written in simple, concise language. I've been weightlifting in the gym and at home for slightly less than a year and I've incorporated some of your suggested routines and have seen some good results.

Just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your site and look forward to your emails.

Thanks again.

-Michele Foster-Chancellor

Marc, just reading your last newsletter, I enjoy everyone I read and thank you for taking the time out of your day/week to put an article up. Being on the other end of a keyboard you sometimes forget that a real live PERSON is on the other end of the internet/e-mail. I always find your articles informative, and your tips confirm that I am doing things correctly.

-John S.


Dear Marc:

Just a short note to let you know that your newsletter is timely and appreciated. I have lived a very busy life and only recently retired. When I was young, I was very athletic, and such, never really had to worry about weight problems etc. However as I moved on in life the athletic pursuits waned, and the good life began to take its effect. Being a kind of a do-it yourself kind of a guy, I have tried to cope with the realization that my Ab area was getting a wee bit out of control. About three years ago I started to work out and have managed to get into rather good shape again, but the gut thing is still a problem. I suppose that as you get older, this could be a contentious area to deal with. Every other day I work out on the treadmill for 30 mins., but after reading your article, I will increase it to 5 times a week. Thanks again for your newsletter and all the best.


There Is However One Very Strict Rule!...

Needless to say we keep our club very tight and have one major qualification for entrance... It's literally a creed here are Freedomfly and that is, "We only allow serious-minded, real participants. Not just email addresses." -- And here's what that means;

You DON'T signup just to get a bonus or two.

If you are one of the Internet's millions of freebie seekers who don't really want to hear from us, but just wants to signup to receive some great bonuses then forget it! -- Go find another ezine... There are over 100,000 to choose from.

You DO signup with email addresses that you actually check and use on a day to day basis!

Why? -- Well in my mind if you don't value hearing from us enough to use a real email address, then forgot it! -- We are far to busy to SPAM anyone (if that's what you're worried about) and considering the info you'll be getting completely FREE of charge, this simple request is more than reasonable by any standards.

I enjoy reading your newsletter, thank you very much.
I lost 1 pound, unfortunately I did not take my measurements. Thanks you're the best!

-Adelaide Gomes


Freedomfly Fitness Newsletter Quality Guarantee

I, Marc David, personally assure you that second rate info will never be recommended to you, through this ezine.

You will ONLY get word of resources and information that meets our very high standards... Resources that I either have used or will use myself.

If it's not good enough for me then it's sure as heck not good enough for you!

Here's how to signup for the fitness newsletter...

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(Please be careful when filling in the form to enter a working and valid email address.)

- Marc C David

PS. Hurry up! Even though it's not all about getting freebies, nothing's wrong in collecting your great fitness bonuses by signing-up for FREE now!